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how would you even start sex like kiss kiss oh ok look im inside you

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Black women are more than props and more than interchangeable stock images employed to convey a sassy reaction to a white star’s plotline. We experience love, grief, anger, frustration and joy just like everyone else. Except that, when expressing those emotions, black women are policed, caricatured, judged and dismissed.

We aren’t allowed to be situationally angry at the appropriate moments and have other emotions at other times: we are instead tasked with embodying a singular emotion (like anger) to the point of caricature. Humanity is a luxury routinely denied to black women both within media and outside it.




Scandal in 3 days…..

what do you mean? i thought the season premier was oct. 10th?

or will a station be playing reruns until it does premier? if so, who?

*googlecrazy rightnow*

I don’t know what you been watching but all my calenders and this Scandal commercial said Sept 25… You may be talking about bootleg BET’s “premiere”…. now thats a different thing